Perlite is an amorphous volcanic glass formed mainly by hydration of obsidian and has the unusual property of expanding when heated sufficiently. It is used as a soil amendment or as a medium for keeping the soil loose and allowing air and water to reach the roots, which helps in better seed germination. Green Mall – one of the leading Perlite Suppliers in Kolkata, West Bengal offer these Perlites in loose, mostly in 1 Kg packet & 1 bag (contain 10 Kgs).

You Need To Invest In Perlite Now Because:

  • Offered Agriculture Perlite is best for seed germination, potting plants, root cuttings, to hold cut flowers and to establish new and fresh lawns
  • Have a huge demand for gardening and horticulture
  • Have good water retention and drainage capabilities, which prevent plants from getting damage
  • Helps in providing moisture to plant roots
  • Ensure healthy root growth of plants

Where Can I Buy Expanded Perlite Online?

We are the noteworthy Perlite Wholesaler and Dealer in India. We have the ability to meet your bulk orders, which make us the best in the domain from where you can buy this and other gardening products.

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