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We, Green Mall, situated in Kolkata, West Bengal, aims to promote nature and environmental sustainability, to shield our earth against pollution and encourage people to purchase more plants to be with nature. With our mission to build an excellent reputation and growing our business by selling the most beautiful Indoor Plants, Garden Furniture, Fertilizer and more, we offer the best gardening and garden decoration products. Today, our name is noted among the preeminent Hand Wheelbarrow Suppliers.

We started this journey back in 1995 under the leadership of Mr Dinesh Rawat and become the trusted platform to Buy Decorative Artificial Flowers Online. We believe greenery is the best decorative item that you have access to and it can completely change the look and feel of your interior or exterior. Therefore, we have plenty of natural plants and artificial plants and grass to add WOW element to your home, office, shopping complex, or hotel decoration.

Green Mall

About Dinesh Rawat


It was December 26th, 2004, Tsunami brought a massive disaster to 14 countries and about 2.5 lakh people lost their lives. Ocean earthquake and Tsunami perturbed conscience of Shri Dinesh Rawat. He was in Sri Lanka on that unfortunate day. Seeing the devastation, he understood that nature has given a warning that if human beings do not change the way they are conducting life, Global warming and climate change would result in more natural calamities.

Dinesh Rawat

His conscience was speaking loudly. He wanted to dedicate himself to bring in awareness amongst the people and inspire them to live in harmony with nature, but he was so deeply involved in his business of international trading that he couldn't find time for any of the environmental activities.

But then nature provided him opportunity in disguise. A major problem erupted with his bank and his business came to a grinding halt. Just within 8 months of Tsunami, he was compelled to shut down his business activities in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Singapore, and Bangladesh. He took this incident as a design of divine to bestow upon him a new assignment. He heartily accepted a new role in his life and started thinking of the ways and means to help and inspire people to go green and lead a life in harmony with nature and combat desertification with his small might.

His business of international trading had provided him with the opportunity to travel to over 60 countries. He made the best use of his travel by visiting all the leading botanical gardens and leading plant nurseries in countries like USA, UK, Australia Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Singapore. He received on-ground experience and training from expert botanists and curators which prepared him to share technologies and know-how with fellow Indians.

He discovered that in India, trees are cutting down for construction of buildings, roads, and Infrastructures. He was unhappy with the situation. To save the trees from being fallen like this, he obtained training on the excavation of Big trees and palms, storing them and subsequently replants them at a desirable place. He demonstrated this technique of excavation and tree plantation to nurserymen, made video training presentation and distributed all over. His efforts helped to save thousands of trees from felling. Presently this idea about tree excavation and re-planting in India is practised on a large scale and many trees are saved every day.

He realized that he cannot do a genuine work of inspiring people to take actions to combat desertification by staying at his plush apartment in a multistory housing complex in the city. He moved to a village called Samukpota in the district of South 24 Parganas of West Bengal and started to work from ground level.

He observed that in India property owners and managers do not give much importance to landscaping with Palms. Palms are the best plant for the urban landscape. They are evergreen; they do not litter leaves and flowers like other trees, their root system is compact, and they do not disturb underground service lines like sewerage, gas line, electricity, and other pipelines. They are much disciplined and maintain symmetry. To make palms popular in India he imported about 200 types of palm seeds and started a Palm Seedling project at Samukpota, in South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. Through this project, he distributed millions of Palm seedlings to nurseries all over India.

Thereafter, builders and landscapers realized the usefulness of palms in urban landscaping and now palms have become an essential part of any landscape in India.

To provide impetus to use and cultivation of Palms he decided to write a handbook ‘PALMS FOR INDIA’ detailing uses of palms and its cultivation.

His exploring mind kept on areas of improvement all over. He noticed that in India, people are throwing away by-product of Coco fiber or using it for land filling. He wanted to educate people that this waste coco-dust has an excellent property of making the soil porous and maintain moisture.

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Our Mission

We are committed to green growth and embed all our resources and experience in developing value-added and beneficial plants to provide more profitable opportunities to the existing and growing farms, gardens and nurseries. We offer our gardening products and garden landscaping services to residential as well as commercial sectors.

Our Vision

We want to become the leading company that has the best and exotic plants and trees for you to enter the exciting arena of gardening. Besides, we are looking for investors, partners, and franchisees from all over India, to spread the goodness of nature more and more.

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