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Garden Care HISTORY


A leading businessman and who has travelled to over 60 countries. A Law Graduate from Calcutta University who has been member of several top Chamber of Commerce.and Export Promotion Councils. But he was highly concerned about the scenario of Global Warming & Climate Change and decided to set up Green Mall and make availble products and services related to gardening.

Our Story...


Green Mall  is just not a commercial  place of business. It is a place of worship of Nature, A place where practical assistance is provided to all to "Go Green" and to "Live in Harmony with Nature" It is a story of profound dedication by Sri Dinesh Rawat, who gave up his rewarding business of International Trading, his posh city life and much more.

When most of the people were not even aware of the term Global Warming, that is the time he could see what is coming and decided to be pro-active. In the year 2002 he shifted his abode from the city of Kolkata and settled down in a village called Samukpota and began his mission "Let's Make India Green"

During the days of his International business, he travelled to over 60 countries, and used his exposure to the world and experience to bring new concepts in India. He decided to use 75 bighas of land under his disposal, for planting rare and exotic Palms, In 2007 he established a concept of "Green Mall" a  One Stop super market where people can find everything for home garden including plants.

To make things easy for city dwellers, he wrote several books, "Palms for India" and "Green Your Surroundings" became very popular. He produced two albums with inspiritional environmental songs - "Prakriti Ki Pukar" and "Prakriti Vandana". It is for the first time in the world that some one has produced albums on Environment. He regularly writes for magazines and journals and selectively delivers lectures. 

Every year he organises "Green Day" at Green Mall and provides an opportunity to his contacts to spend a day in the lap of pure nature which in turn inspires them to Go Green.

Now Green Mall has become a campus where people can not only buy everything for gardening but can observe so many creativity with plants and gardening ideas. It is a place one must visit if he wants to have a fulfilling garden.