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Small and large landscape, indoor, outdoor and rooftop terrace gardening, Garden/Landscape conceptualization, designing, supplies, plantation and maintenance.

All Types of Plants

Small saplings to big trees, bamboos, palms, shrubs, indoor shade loving plants, creepers, ground covers, grass and water loving plants are readily available in one campus.


All items required for indoor and outdoor gardening, like soil, coco-pith, vermi compost, organic fertilizer, pots, shade net, ground cover and books on gardening. All in one campus.


A fascirating Nature & Environment trip to Green Mall is loved by all school students. Children are motivated & inspired to live in harmony with nature.
* Min 45 to 150 Heads Package of Rs.750

Trees & Palms


Non Plants

Planting pot

All types of planting pots are available for any requirement 
Clay pots,Terra cotta Pots, 
Terra-porcelain Pots, Cement Pots, Plastic Pots, Fiber Glass pots, Decora Pots 

Planting bag

Planting bags of diffrent size / dimension are available in bulk at very moderate price.

garden furniture

Hardy weather proof Garden furniture made out of cast iron and seasam wood 

Technical fabrics

Shade nets, Ground covering, mulching sheets are available readily.


A range of economical books on horticulture and gardening are available. Free shipping within India 

Pebbles & Boulders

A large selection of natural pebbles and boulders are available in white and other colors. Size 10MM to 150MM


Hand Trollies are very useful to save time & labour is any garden or field. a large range of hand trollies are available to suit any requirement. .

gardening tools

Sturdy and dependable Garden tools from reputed manufactures are available at Green Mall at reasonable prices


A versatile potting media for porosity in soil. Available in bags of 15kgs and also compressed bricks imported from Sri Lanka

Vermi compost

Pure  Vermi compost is available in 25 kg bags. Highly useful organic manure for all plants

G.M Manure

A total solution for fertilizing needs for plants. All in one 100% organic mix is ideal for all kinds of plants 

plant care

Plant care is always a pre-requisite for rearing plants for all variety. Multi functional Plant care are available in bulk

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